• Increases productivity and uplifts worker’s mood
  • Contributes to a better feeling about work in general, without creating the self-consciousness of some other exercise programs.

Depositphotos_6161784_mAn independent quantitative research study was commissioned to evaluate the effectiveness and specific impact of the Take a Minute™ Program on those who spent a majority of their work- day sitting.  80 percent of respondents, full-time workers who spend more than 5 hours or more sitting in a chair during a usual work day, said they felt relieved and refreshed after trying Take a Minute™ exercises. 

This research put hard data behind the hundreds of stories of personal experience told by those who suffer from doing sedentary work. Read what the Survey Participants say about chair-bound work.

I start to get very lethargic and bored, and I can feel myself start to get sleepy as well. I start thinking about how unhealthy it truly is to be sitting in a cubicle space for 8 hours a day. My feet and legs start to get the tingly sensation that they’ve fallen asleep, and my neck is the worst part. – Research Participant    Read more comments by research participants.


  • For this study, the research firm talked to people the Take a Minute™ Program is designed for: those who work sitting in a chair, sometimes for long hours. They talked with workers across the country, young and old, and men and women. Because this study was conducted by a highly-respected professional research firm, according to established and validated methodological principles, the results we talk about can be relied on with confidence by any company seeking to improve the health and productivity of its workers.
  • We are able to prove with this research that what we have heard from directly from workers is shared by all who sit for long periods of time: there are indeed issues of bodily stress, loss of focus, and decreased productivity after sitting in a chair and working for 2-3 hours without much movement.
  • Physical pain and the accompanying issues come through most strongly as the biggest problem that needs solving. This research confirms that it’s movement, and not simply mental distraction on another task, that is seen by workers as a true solution. This makes a program that involves a “mental break” a less-than ideal solution for workers. This is a key finding of this research.
  • Yet, it’s not just any movement program. Movements must be those that have been shown to truly address the problem, without causing self-consciousness in the work environment. When these workers experienced the Take a Minute™ Program, research showed the positive response was exceedingly high; specifically, a strong majority spontaneously mentioned–on their own–that the Take a Minute™ Program specifically is a good solution!
  • The specific areas proven to be impacted most positively by the Take a Minute™ Program are those that count: workers feel the Program would make them more productive at work; they report their mood is lifted by the experience and they would feel better about work in general, and; importantly as well, they tell us they could use this program specifically because it would not make them feel self-conscious to do the exercises at work.
  • The benefit of this Program is not something that is experienced by just one kind of worker. The findings show that this feeling is shared across all age groups, and by both men and women, making it perfect for implementation company-wide.
  • This research shows clearly that the Take-a-Minute™ program offers employers and their workers an effective solution to the hidden costs of chair-bound work.

I feel better!!! If this program would come on my computer screen automatically every 45 minutes or so, that would be great!! – Survey Participant

prepared by Amy Shea Consultancy, Inc. March 16, 2012 (biography)