Amy Shea Consulting, ASC, Inc.

Amy Shea’s unique background encompasses both creative development and brand research. Her early work with Pioneer as a producer of its branded programming venture, Mall Vision, helped create and define the branded entertainment category in the United States. As a researcher, she has lectured globally on her published research on the BMW films—considered by many to be the gold standard of branded entertainment.

Her client experience ranges from CPG, to financial services, to retail giants, as well as across media — researching television advertising and programming, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, promotions, and packaging. Her work on the ARF/AAAA’s Committee to Study Emotional Response in Advertising, as well as her published work with MTV Networks on the subject of engagement, establishes her as a key contributor to the growing body of knowledge in this area.

Amy Shea serves as a senior consultant to Brand Keys, directing their global branding efforts. Prior to that, she was Vice President and Research Director for Ameritest, where she worked on global research for some of the world’s top advertisers. In 2003 her team’s efforts were recognized with the David Ogilvy Excellence Award with IBM, taking both the Grand Ogilvy and First in Category for work done on IBM’s ground-breaking Infrastructure campaign.

A sought-after presenter, Shea brings a direct and creative-based perspective to the conference stage. She presents on brands and brand advertising in the United States, Europe, and Asia on a regular basis. Her business book (co-authored with Brand Keys’ founder and president, Robert Passikoff) The Certainty Principle: How to Guarantee Brand Profits in the Consumer Engagement Marketplace provides companies with a consumer-generated predictive approach to brand research and creative development. Amy has also authored a memoire, Defending Happiness and other acts of bravery, published in 2012 by Danzatore Publishing.

Shea, a native New Yorker, is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s Marketing Research Program. Her academic background also includes an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing earned by the University of New Hampshire, with joint studies at Harvard University, along with various writing fellowships.