TAM™ Self-Care Trainings



What are the trainings?

TAM trainings are designed for a person/persons inside of the business/organization who wants to help employees to jump start the energy. When  a person sits in a chair thinking all day long, it is important to re-energize the nervous system which happens most quickly and thoroughly through the body. Take a Minute Everyday Self-Care Exercises are designed to do just this, Take A Minute™ for  your well being

How do the trainings work?

Zuleikha, creator of TAM™  has created a Master Trainer Training Progam. This can be adapted with the people in your organization who would best serve groups inside of the whole business, organization , or working group. The trainings are broken into periods of  learning , understanding, practicing , and teaching.

What do the trainings produce?

The TAM™ Everyday Self-Care Exercises bring rejuvenation, resilience, and help the people to clear the mind and body of dross, fatigue, and sense of heaviness. There is no’cure’ , yet these exercises have been proven to be of great help. People in all walks of life have reported to feel more clarity, energy, and  of positive mind, after practicing the exercises. The exercises are very effective when done during a meeting, or any time of day when energy is waning. A simple stretch goes a long way.

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How to schedule TAM™ trainings?

Packages are adaptable depending on the needs of the company. Trainings can be discussed with TAM™ staff. For a consultation to bring a TAM™ Training to your corporation:




• Techniques for caregivers to relieve stress and improve focus and attention in daily work activities.
• A similar program is offered to families of patients upon request.

NURSES-TEXAS“Zuleikha’s Take a Minute program nurtures the heart and soul of caregivers burdened with the demands of the chaotic hospital and health care system. At the University of Virginia Health System, we recognize that resilient caregivers are the ones who have the best patient outcomes and the most satisfaction with the work environment.”

– Dorrie K. Fontaine, PhD, RN, FAAN, Sadie Heath Cabaniss Professor of Nursing, and Dean, University of Virginia School of Nursing




Zuleikha has developed a specialized Take a Minute program in palliative care for cancer patients and their families. Trainings in Palliative Care Practice are now being offered to palliative health care centers in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Ambika Rajvanshi, Director, Home Care Programme, CanSupport talks about Zuleikha’s unique ‘Relaxation Therapeutic Health Exercise Programme’ for cancer patients and their family caregivers.

Z-TSP-CS FAMILY “Zuleikha is an incredible woman who has developed a unique ‘Relaxation Therapeutic Health Exercise Programme’ explicitly for cancer patients and their family caregivers. This programme, by its very nature, not only offers constructs that promote holistic approaches to care but also provides a therapeutic form for healing and discovering their ‘new normal’. At CanSupport, Zuleikha has inspired and helped many patients to learn to accept and reconnect with their bodies, build new self-confidence, enhance self- expression, address feelings of isolation, depression, anger, fear and distrust and strengthen personal resources. We greatly cherish our association with Zuleikha for adding much value and meaning to our work.”

–Dr. Ambika Rajvanshi, Director, Home Care Programme, CanSupport