What People Say

“I’ve been going through arthritis and immune system problems. These very simple exercise movements had a very deep effect. I felt my breath and organs freed, with room to move, and my slump disappear as my chest opened in a way I haven’t felt for ages.”
– Lenore Goldman, Goldman Associates


“These are simple movements that are relieving and empowering. I’m convinced it works and is amazing!”
- Staff members, Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families, Santa Fe, NM

“I have been doing TAKE A MINUTE exercises for two weeks now and I am feeling lots of freedom in my back and neck…. I call it “muscle aliveness.”
- Dr. Brenda Griffiths, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Prince George, BC Canada

“After our [HIV/AIDS counselor training] session with Take A Minute exercises…we were entirely relaxed.”
- Jaya Tiwari, Coordinator, Naz Foundation, Delhi, India

“I feel awake – a body unified – exhilaration and lightness that is not frightening.”
- Lynn Walters, M.S., Executive, Cooking With Kids, Inc., Santa Fe, New Mexico