COMMENTS FROM THE WORKERS demonstrate surprise at the short amount of time to get good results from the Take-a-Minute™ program; workers mention increased energy and productivity.

“The exercise made me feel much better within a short amount of time. I got a little muscle relaxation in doing the stretching techniques. The pain in my neck, and tingly sensation in my legs are now gone.”

“I felt rejuvenated!! It made my body feel like it was not as slumpy.”

“That actually made me feel a lot better. A good stretch is good for a person, and it was especially nice on my shoulders.”

“I felt a bit more energized. Felt like I can probably work another hr or 2 without a break.”

“I feel better!!! If this program would come on my computer screen automatically every 45 minutes or so, that would be great!!”

When asked why they felt the program would be beneficial, workers spontaneously playback thoughts on increased productivity and reduced stress, as well as feeling good.


“Because that felt so great.”

“This would help me reduce the stress of sitting for long periods. It would improve my health, my mood, and my productivity. I need someone to tell me about and demonstrate these exercises for me, because I don’t know about them.”

“It would be helpful to get the blood moving and improve concentration and productivity.”

“It’s a nice suggestion on what to do after sitting there for a couple of hours. Sometimes we forget to take breaks. This would be a good reminder if it automatically came on after 2-3 hours.”

“I think that I could be more productive if I had something to relieve some stress and stretch my muscles every once in a while.”