• TAM™ Everyday Self-Care

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    TAM EVERYDAY SELF-CARE exercises are "adaptable, fun, and bring the surprise of resilience. Each exercise only takes one minute and is a gentle reminder to take a breath in the middle of something difficult." –ZULEIKHA


  • TAM™ Self-Care Trainings

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    • A one-minute self-care training system for corporate executives, organization administrators, healthcare professionals and staff in the workplace, conferences, board rooms, weekly meetings, and health care centers.


  • TAM™ in a Chair


    TAKE A MINUTE™ IN A CHAIR, for businesses and their workers, is an effective solution to the debilitating effects from chair bound work. Promotes greater energy and focus. See our recent US wide marketing survey which demonstrates the positive effects of this program.


  • What People are Saying about TAM™

    "Through the TAKE A MINUTE™ Exercises every muscle in the body gets rejuvenated. This can be done during working hours and it takes just a minute for complete rejuvenation." – Dr. N, Director, Hospital HR Department
    “I feel very much better when doing these exercises and afterwards am able to focus more and feel much more energized.”
    “I have used this with several groups already – am very excited about body-based mindfulness.”
    “I like that the exercises can be done at work…and that they are quick and easy.”
  • Zuleikha on Everyday Self-Care Exercise

    Formerly referred to as "Core Wellness" Exercise TAMIntroductionVideo